28 Oct

November 1st and 2nd, the AHCS will be at the Stone Mountain Hamfest at the Gwinnett fair grounds.

Admission is $8
Sat 8am to 4pm
Sun 8am to 2pm

For more information, check out their site www.stonemountainhamfest.com

Sam and Kyle will be selling vacuum tubes and old electronic equipment (again) and have donated half a table for the AHCS to display its QR code and some cool retro computers (someone may bring the club stickers and t-shirts to sell). We do this to hear stories from folks about their old equipment they used to have and delight them that someone is crazy enough to fix, maintain and use this stuff. Last year, we were well received. Flash bought an HP Apollo when he wasn’t slinging Tandy portable computers, to help prepare folks for the zombie apocalypse (That Flash, always thinking of others). Kyle spent Sam’s money on a plastic teak wood stain bucket that had a variac in it (he said it was a good deal, it’s getting an ammeter and volt meter installed in it at Acorn Amps as we speak). Brad looked at all of us like we were crazy with that classic old school angst ridden IT tech look and all the visitors at our tables nodded knowingly. We were not what the flea market or the crowd was expecting and they welcomed us back with an invoice and an address to mail the check.

This year will be no different, other than Sam knowing a little more about vacuum tubes and Kyle being over 21 (he really surprised the crowd with his radio knowledge).

So come one, come all! To the finest collection of weird junk that Stone Mountain has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Next AHCS meeting is October 18

17 Oct

The next regular meeting of the AHCS will be on October 18, 2014 from 12-5 PM at:

Christ the Lord Lutheran Church
1001 Duluth Highway (State Route 120)
Lawrenceville GA 30043

We hope to see you there!


Photos from 2014 Atlanta Maker Faire

6 Oct

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Soldering Kit Instructions

6 Oct

For visitors to the Atlanta Historical Society booth at this weekend’s Atlanta Maker Faire who took home soldering kits to work on at home, instructions for the Flashy kit and the Memory Game kit are available via the links below.

Thanks again for visiting us, and please join us at the next regular AHCS meeting. The date and time for the next meeting will be posted here soon, as well as on our Facebook page and on Twitter (@AtlHCSdotORG).

Flashy Maxi Instructions

Memory Game Instructions

Thanks for a Wonderful Atlanta Maker Faire!

6 Oct

From Sam Lysinger, who did a fantastic job coordinating the AHCS’s presence at the Maker Faire this year:

We were off to a rough start Saturday morning, being adjacent to the wall of porta potties is not something someone wants to see after 6.5 hours sleep.

But, it was cold enough out that we could not smell them.

Then the wind decided to turn our tents into kits before we had them weighted down.

Yet, we could repair the damage and make them work.

We got everything set up, and then we did what the AHCS does:

We nerded out with other nerds. (Alan even called me a super geek today)

There were a lot of them. 10,000 per day, a lot of them.

They weren’t all computer nerds.

There were HAMs, robot builders, scientists, physicists, junk repurposers, car racers, artists, even a few normal families.

The crowd was really fun.

We must have left a favorable impression as the AHCS has taken home 3 Maker of Excellence Awards.

Big thanks go out to all who made it happen, and let the Maker Community know who we are and what we are capable of.

Call for Maker Faire Volunteers

30 Jul

The AHCS is building a crack team of exhibit creators and staffers as we speak. We had been capturing them by strategically laying vintage Star Wars toys in parking lots that were tied to strings. We kept pulling the string as they got close to it and they followed the action figure to our volunteer sign up sheet. It was working surprisingly well until the volunteers realized that they did not get an action figure and the FBI warned us to cease.

In light of this, we need your help. We are running a morning shift and an afternoon shift. 9am to 1pm and 1pm to 5pm. This way you can see the Maker Faire and meet a ton of cool folks doing cool things. Or you can play the memory game in our booth that works similarly to a game called Simon. Rumor has it that Star Raiders could be there too.

If you want to volunteer, contact Sam Lysinger help@simplycompute.net for details. If you want to see our display, come find us in Downtown Decatur on Oct 4th and 5th. www.makerfaireatl.com

There will be games, solder, lights, computer history. You name it, we’ll have it.

Atlanta Maker Faire Update

19 Jul

The Atlanta Historical Computing Society officially returns to the Atlanta Maker Faire. Expect PC boards, expect solder, expect blinky lights, expect 8bit music and 8 bit graphics.


The eminently popular, simplistically eloquent, Simon game will return for its 3rd public appearance as it evolves further towards its fusion of retro gaming and Steam Punk sculpture destiny. There may be other upgrades if we can get our crack team of Mad Scientists to convince their case workers to allow them access to the tool shed again.

Also, the retro computer display will soon move from the idea stage to the planning stage, and then to the world domination stage.

Expect greatness. Expect the unexpected.


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