Soldering Kit Instructions

For visitors to the Atlanta Historical Society booth at this weekend’s Atlanta Maker Faire who took home soldering kits to work on at home, instructions for the Flashy kit and the Memory Game kit are available via the links below.

Thanks again for visiting us, and please join us at the next regular AHCS meeting. The date and time for the next meeting will be posted here soon, as well as on our Facebook page and on Twitter (@AtlHCSdotORG).

Flashy Maxi Instructions

Memory Game Instructions


4 thoughts on “Soldering Kit Instructions

  1. We purchased several of the circuit boards at Maker Faire for my daughter’s robotics team, since we didn’t know the kits were going to be available for sale. I’ve been planning to have them place a Digi-Key order for the parts, so they can learn how that works. I’d also love for them to be able to see (and maybe modify) the code. Are the bill of materials and source code for the two projects available?

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