Thanks for a Wonderful Atlanta Maker Faire!

From Sam Lysinger, who did a fantastic job coordinating the AHCS’s presence at the Maker Faire this year:

We were off to a rough start Saturday morning, being adjacent to the wall of porta potties is not something someone wants to see after 6.5 hours sleep.

But, it was cold enough out that we could not smell them.

Then the wind decided to turn our tents into kits before we had them weighted down.

Yet, we could repair the damage and make them work.

We got everything set up, and then we did what the AHCS does:

We nerded out with other nerds. (Alan even called me a super geek today)

There were a lot of them. 10,000 per day, a lot of them.

They weren’t all computer nerds.

There were HAMs, robot builders, scientists, physicists, junk repurposers, car racers, artists, even a few normal families.

The crowd was really fun.

We must have left a favorable impression as the AHCS has taken home 3 Maker of Excellence Awards.

Big thanks go out to all who made it happen, and let the Maker Community know who we are and what we are capable of.


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