July 2017 Meeting…

Meeting location CHANGING

For July going forward, we’re switching our meeting place back to the Church we use to meet at.  The CompUSA space they’re moving out of so we won’t have access to that anymore….  We thinnk we might be able to meet at the Computer Museum of America when the new location opens, but  haven’t got enough details yet to know for sure yet.

Date: TBD. (I’ll update when I get confirmation which Saturday we can meet there)

Location : Christ the Lord Lutheran Church is located at 1001 Duluth Highway (State Route 120) at McKendree Church Road in the city of Lawrenceville, GA (30043-7309). We are between Route 316 and Interstate 85.  Click here to get Directions
We will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall.  Look for the sign on the door.

3 thoughts on “July 2017 Meeting…

  1. There was an issue getting the space scheduled, (the pastor was dealing with a personal matter and things got delayed until too late) so this month’s meeting was canceled. We will be meeting in August and will let folks know as soon as details of where are worked out.

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